FURNITURE MARKET High quality indoor furniture product made of solid teak wood origin Java Island – Indonesia. The best place for growing teak plants (Tectona grandhis, Lf). Teak wood itself has characteristics that are perfect for processing it into outdoor and indoor furniture.
    Done by the skilled hands of experienced carpenters and supported by modern carpentry tools. Kharismateak presented best quality wooden furniture for users and customer.  Furniture product with high durability, resistant to attack, insects, fungi and weather.


    KHARISMATEAK FURNITURE MARKET PRODUCT made of solid reclaimed teak wood, processed according to furniture production standards. Starting with the wood drying process. The water content standard of wood when unloaded from the wood drying oven is as follows. Teak wood, the percentage of moisture content is 11 to 12 percent.
    Mahony wood has 10 percent moisture content. After that next process is the production process in the preparation of materials, and continues in the assembly process. At the assembly stage, the production process is carried out by skilled and experienced personnel. After that next stage is the coloring process according to customer orders. Final stage of the production process is packaging and storage.
    Kharismateak worldwide furniture puts quality supervisors in place, at every stage of the furniture production process. In charge of ensuring that the production goods meet the desired quality standards. Therefore Products are meet quality standards are packaged and stored in a place that has been prepared. To be sent to the buyer on schedule.


    Companies engaged in the sale and purchase of furniture on an international scale. Because Kharismateak has experienced in the field of buying and selling furniture since 2005. Another Information Kharismateak manages several furniture manufactures located in Jepara, Central Java – Indonesia. Since Jepara culture is A place where wood furniture production becomes habit and daily activities, functional furniture with a touch of art. Because furniture production process are reflection of art and sense of love in the final product.
    Another information are, we place vendors as equal partners in mutually beneficial cooperation. In navigating the furniture business.  Kharismateak collaboration with furniture manufacturers has been tested for more than 17 years together. Another information Kharismateak is able to work on large-scale furniture orders, or custom projects for housing, offices, hotels or hospitals.
    It is an honor for us to participate in decorating your home, office or hotel. Since we will provide the best for you.
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    worlwide furniture market