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MODERN LUXURY AND RICH FURNITURE by kharismateak furniture. Indonesian furniture manufacture and sale luxury furniture. Producing and installing luxury furniture and building interiors, be it residential, hotel or private offices. We are able to work on special designs according to customer requests. Special requests be it design, size or material. Since we are a company that has a production site. KHARISMATEAK FURNITURE administrative office located on Jl. Soekarno-Hatta km 5 Annual Jepara, Central Java – Indonesia.
While the warehouse location is located separately about 1 kilometer from the administration office. Starting operating since 2002, we have long experience story to tell in the furniture business. Becoming better is our work motto in running the Kharismateak company. Since over the years we have proven that we are one of the few companies that can be trusted. Reliable in the quality of production, Reliable in keeping customer orders both in quality, quantity and delivery time.



In the nature of our production process does require a certain amount of wood, according to the needs of the production quantity. They are experienced and educated carpenters, and have excellent abilities. Supported by modern carpentry machine and some of our own machines design. To meet production standards and also improve production effectiveness.
Kharismateak produces various kinds of indoor furniture with various types of wood raw materials.  Furthermore we should combine 2 or 3 types of wood in the production of furniture according to buyer demand. To support the continuity and smoothness of our production, we have also raised superviors who are experts in the field of timber and a PPIC.



Kharismateak production facilities are very complete, starting with the drying facility for the wood. Production process area and also the storage area before shipping to buyers. Since production facility is modern equipment in order to maintain the quality of modern luxury furniture. Especially for the kiln drying facility. Another story we have prepared 2 big rooms with a capacity of 45 cubic meters each chamber. Which are operated semi-automatically. Because neatly organized production line automatically increases work effectiveness and optimization. And significantly influence the final result of furniture production.



To meet the needs of raw materials for modern luxury furniture production, especially teak. We collaborate with business entities that are officially appointed by the Indonesian government. To manage the production forest area, especially in the area of ​​Java Island, Indonesia. Beautiful island produces teak wood with the best quality in Asia or even throughout the world. You could say Kharismateak only uses legal industrial raw materials.  we want to participate in environmental preservation both locally and globally.
In the end, thank for your visit on our official website, it is an honor for us to be able to do business with you and establish a good long term cooperative relationship.
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